Transforming your information assets into powerful decision-making tools

LinkTec offers comprehensive data analytics and business intelligence solutions that harness the power of big data and strengthen decision-making. We leverage proven frameworks and domain expertise to develop solutions that enable our customers to capture, store, distribute, manage, and analyze critical information in real-time. Through our next-generation data analytics services, we can transform your information assets into powerful decision-making tools and propel your agency forward. 

  • Data Architecture and Visualization
  • Analytics, Custom Reporting, Dashboards
  • Data Warehouse Implementation & Modeling
  • Data Deduplication & Migration
  • Data Standards & Management
  • Agile Analytics & Data Systems Automation

Protecting Americans Through Data Analytics

LinkTec supports the nation’s immigration priority through a centralized reporting solution that strengthens the security and integrity of the USCIS immigration system. As USCIS receives over 6 million immigration applications and petitions each year, our solution provides USCIS with a firsthand look at operational data allowing them to better serve current and prospective American citizens.