Ensuring the security and integrity of government systems, networks, and applications

LinkTec provides a full range of IT services to protect our federal customers’ IT investments. As today’s cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and risks continue to evolve, we work to ensure the security and integrity of government systems, applications, and networks. Using a seamless network of digital security measures, our security experts are well-equipped to assist your organization in leveraging the rights tools to ensure your critical information is protected and secured. We utilize a comprehensive cyber security approach that allows our teams to introduce new concepts, strengthen existing practices, and provide innovative, cost effective solutions.

  • SOC Engineering and Operation
  • Security Architecture
  • Computer Incident Response
  • Fraud and Vulnerability Management
  • Security Assessment and Authorization (SA&A)
  • Continuous Monitoring and Real-time Assessment
  • FISMA Compliance

Protecting Our Nation's Most Valuable Data and Assets

LinkTec protects our nation’s most valuable data including NOAA mission systems. By engineering a state-of-the-art security operations center (SOC) for NOAA, we strengthened the availability, confidentiality and integrity of weather data and models needed to support the FAA with air travel, FEMA with emergency preparations, the DoD with sensitive international missions, and the general American public for day to day planning.